So I decided to do something productive with my spare time and have a draw! I started off very serious with the face and head shape, but when it came to the hair I veered off a bit from the normal side to the crazy side, turning her hair into these ribbon like forms. After looking at the image for a while I thought, “what if?” which is a very important quote that I find very relatable to from Paula Taafe. The result from asking this question is a full coloured felt tipped pen drawing, which I never do. I am proud with the overall look, I think I have gone over the top with colour but it works – seems very street arty to me.

I took a photo of the drawing with the tools I have been using surrounding it on my workspace. I thought that really had a contrasting effect towards the image and showed a bit of my space inside and outside the drawing.

At this stage I am feeling that this could definitely work as a vector image and I am contemplating doing so!


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